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Gutter Monster

Leaf Guard Systems for Lexington, KY Homes Available From Your Local GutterMonster Dealer

leaf guard Lexington, KYWith the protection of a GutterMonster leaf guard, your home in Lexington, KY, will be immune from the damaging effects of gutter clogs, while you’ll enjoy the convenience that comes with never needing to clean your gutter again. Unlike many leaf guards, our system is able to withstand constant exposure to the elements and will permanently attach to your home so that is can protect it against all forms or precipitation and debris year round. Our gutter covers use the cohesive properties of water to channel it over a specially designed surface into the gutter system, while causing leaves, sticks, pine needles and other debris to be carried off the edge. This design works on roofs with any slopes, so any Lexington area homeowner can take advantage of our leaf guard systems.

Our gutter protector is able to handle up to 11 inches of rainfall per hour, more than even most hurricanes produce, without overflow thanks to a number of high-quality components. The innovative corner systems we’ve designed are some of the most innovative pieces that contribute to this performance. They help prevent the water that naturally gathers and flows faster along roof joints from overflowing our gutter leaf guard by deflecting it evenly across the roof to either side. The high-performance MonsterHold brackets that support our gutter protection system also contribute to its ability to function year round. They secure our system to your roof and gutters at 7 points, keeping it held down in high winds and supporting the system when covered by ice and snow.

To go along with this outstanding system, GutterMonster is committed to providing great customer service as well, with benefits like:

  • Local support from a dealer in Lexington
  • Professional installation from factory-trained technicians
  • Lifetime warranty protection for your system

To learn more about our leaf guard systems for Lexington, KY, area homes, contact GutterMonster today.

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