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Gutter Monster

Leaf Guard Systems for Homes in Durham, North Carolina Made by GutterMonster

leaf guard DurhamThere’s many ways that your Durham home can be damaged by water, but adding a leaf guard from GutterMonster can keep gutter clogs from being one of them. Our system keeps leaves and other debris out of your gutter system while using a special design that takes advantage of water’s cohesive properties to guide it into your guttering. It will effectively channel up to 11 inches of rainfall per hour without overflowing – more than most hurricanes create – so you can feel confident that your home is protected from even the harshest storms. Our gutter covers also help to control ice formation during winter months, preventing ice dams that can damage your roof or weigh down and damage your gutter system.

Our system can provide this incredible protection against Durham’s weather thanks to the high-performance components used to build it. One part is the high-performance top caps, which have been made from a strong alloy of aluminum and titanium. This material is able to withstand constant exposure to the elements, since it won’t warp as temperatures change and resists corroding in high moisture. To keep the gutter protector in place when covered in snow or ice and when blown by heavy winds, we have MonsterHold system that is made of brackets that connect at seven different points and durable stainless steel screws. These screws also only penetrate the fascia boards, so they don’t create new routes for water intrusion.

Other advantages to choosing to add our leaf guard to your home in the Durham area include:

  • Local dealers who can provide a quote on a gutter protection system for you
  • Professional installation teams to ensure your system is properly fitted to your gutters
  • Lifetime warranty protection that covers both parts and labor

For more information on how to get our gutter leaf guard for your home in Durham, NC, contact GutterMonster today.

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