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Gutter Monster

Get a GutterMonster Gutter Protector to Prevent Water Damage on Your Portland, OR Area Home

gutter protector Portland, ORFor a reliable gutter protector, Portland, OR, area homeowners can always turn to their local GutterMonster dealer. A GutterMonster gutter guard is able to keep a wide range of debris, like twigs, leaves, seed pods and pine needles, from blocking your gutters. It will effectively capture up to 10 inches worth of rainfall per hour without overflows, preventing damage to walls, eaves, landscaping and foundations.

While many gutter covers need to be installed and removed as seasons change, a GutterMonster gutter protector permanently affixes to your gutters and roof to provide year-round protection. Its top caps are made from a titanium-stabilized aluminum alloy and are given a Kynar 500 finish, ensuring they are highly resistant to corrosion. These are held in place by our MonsterHold brackets, which create seven points of contact with your gutters and are held in place with stainless steel screws for a strong connection. This reinforces both your top caps and gutters, so even heavy winter snows and ice won’t damage your gutter protector or gutter system.

Choosing a GutterMonster for your gutter protection system also ensures that you enjoy incredible service throughout the course of your project, with benefits like:

  • Complimentary inspections of your gutters system with a free quote on a GutterMonster for your home
  • Multiple financing options available for qualified homeowners
  • Professional installation handled exclusively by factory-trained technicians
  • Lifetime warranty protection that covers both parts and labor

For more information on adding our gutter protector to your Portland, OR, area home, contact GutterMonster today. 

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