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Gutter Monster

A Gutter Protector for Your Lexington, KY, Home Available from GutterMonster

gutter protector Lexington, KYWith a GutterMonster gutter protector added to your home in Lexington, KY, you’ll be protecting your property against the serious water damages that clogged gutters can cause to walls, attics, eaves and foundations. A GutterMonster leaf guard will prevent debris, such as twigs, leaves, seeds, pine cones and pine needles, from entering your gutter system while channeling water into it. Its unique design takes advantage of water’s surface tension to guide precipitation into your gutter system, capturing up to 10 inches worth of rainfall per hour without overflow and working with roofing of any slope.

Our gutter covers are able to provide this outstanding performance thanks to their many durable components. Our gutter protection system’s MonsterHold brackets are key among these, connecting the gutters and gutter protector at seven points. These brackets ensure that heavy winds won’t tear our gutter guard away and support the weight of heavy ice and snow during the winter months. To ensure our system performs year after year, our gutter protector’s top caps are made from a resilient aluminum-titanium alloy that resists corrosion. They are also given a Kynar 500 finish that won’t crack, bubble, peel, chip or flake, further protecting them from exposure. Combined with our special corner sections for joints in your gutter system, these top caps will ensure no contaminants get into your gutters while capturing all rainfall.

GutterMonster will also ensure that you enjoy outstanding service when you add our gutter protector to your Lexington area home, providing:

  • A complimentary inspection of your gutters to generate an accurate quote on a gutter protection system for your home
  • Financing terms for qualified homeowners to help projects fit their budgets
  • Professional installation performed by Lexington-area technicians who have undergone factory training
  • Lifetime warranty protection on both parts and labor

For more information on our gutter protector and where to find a dealer in Lexington, KY, contact us today.

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