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Gutter Monster

Gutter Protection for Homes in Portland, OR and All Other Nearby Communities

gutter protection Portland, ORWhen you need gutter protection for a Portland, OR, area home, you can rely on the professionals at your local GutterMonster dealer to provide exceptional gutter covers that will prevent clogs all year long. Our gutter guard takes advantage of water’s cohesive properties to guide water along a specially designed S-bend into your gutters while keeping them protected against large debris, like leaves, sticks, pine cones and seed pods. It also keeps animals like squirrels and birds from entering your gutter system and building nests, which can quickly create dense clogs. Our gutter guards even limit ice buildup in the gutters, which could otherwise lead to ice overhangs that can tear down gutters and ice intrusion that can damage eaves and roofing.

To ensure our gutter protection system can withstand the elements year after year without requiring any maintenance, we’ve built it from durable materials. Each top cap and corner system in our gutter covers is made from aluminum-titanium alloy that won’t corrode, and also doesn’t warp as temperatures change, ensuring will always channel water exactly as designed. These elements also receive a durable Kynar 500 finish that doesn’t chip, peel bubble or crack, providing a smooth surface for water to flow over. The entire gutter protector attaches with durable MonsterHold brackets that create seven points of contact between the GutterMonster, your roof and your gutters, so that our leaf guard can hold strong even in high winds or when covered with heavy ice and snow.

In addition to these exceptional features, gutter guards come with the exceptional service only GutterMonster can provide, like:

  • Professional installation from highly trained technicians
  • Financing options available from a variety of sources
  • Lifetime warranty protection on both parts and labor

To learn more about out gutter protection systems for Portland, OR, area homes, contact us today.

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