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Gutter Monster

Gutter Protection Systems for Durham Area Homeowners and Those in Surrounding Cities

gutter protection DurhamGutterMonster systems provide reliable, year-round gutter protection to homes throughout Durham, NC, and with just one call you can receive this exceptional protection for your home as well. Using water’s natural cohesive properties, our gutter covers guide precipitation over a specially designed top cap into your gutter system while causing debris, like sticks, leaves and pine needles, to slide harmlessly off your roof. These top caps are made from a durable titanium-aluminum alloy, which is not only strong but also won’t corrode. These caps are given a high-quality Kynar 500 finish that won’t chip, peel, bubble or crack, providing a smooth surface for water to flow over, and also won’t fade, giving an attractive appearance to your roofline.

There are a number of other innovative features of the GutterMonster that can help provide exceptional gutter protection to your Durham area home, including:

  • Inside and outside corner systems that distribute water evenly across your roofline
  • Stainless steel screws that only penetrate fascia boards to minimize potential water intrusion routes
  • MonsterHold brackets that maintain 7 points of contact to keep our system firmly attached even in heavy snow and wind loads

You can be sure that GutterMonster gutter guards are a safe investment, since each is protected with a lifetime warranty. Our factory-trained technicians install each system, ensuring every component functions exactly as designed. Qualified homeowners can also receive a range of financing options on our leaf guard systems, with affordable programs for any budget.

For more information on our gutter protection systems for Durham area homes, contact GutterMonster today.

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