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Gutter Monster

Gutter Leaf Guard for Homeowners in Portland & All Nearby OR Communities

Gutter Leaf Guard Portland, ORAdding a gutter leaf guard from GutterMonster® to your home in Portland or any other neighboring Oregon city can eliminate the hassle and cost of cleaning your gutters. Climbing up and down a ladder as you clear gunk from your gutters is not only tedious, it’s also potentially dangerous, and the alternative of hiring someone to clean your gutters year after year can become a huge expense. Fortunately, a GutterMonster® gutter cover can ensure that your gutters remain perpetually clear of clogs, without the need for continual maintenance or additional costs.

Our innovative gutter leaf guard system is made from a heavy-gauge aluminum-titanium alloy that will not warp or buckle under extreme temperature fluctuations and is resistant to corrosion. Additionally, our gutter covers are coated with a durable Kynar 500® finish that is guaranteed never to bubble, peel, crack, or fade, so you can rest easy knowing that your gutter leaf guard system will look and perform like new for years to come.

In order to keep your gutters free of debris and runoff flowing efficiently, GutterMonster® leaf guard systems incorporate several unique design features that include:

  • An overlapping top cap that utilizes the natural surface tension of water to channel rainwater into your gutters while allowing leaves, twigs, and other debris to wash harmlessly off your roof
  • A patent-pending inside and outside corner system that helps direct debris and runoff away from roof joints, preventing blockages and overflows
  • Our custom MonsterHoldTM connection system, which creates seven points of secure contact between your home and our gutter guard, ensuring the strength to withstand the heaviest winds or snows

For more information on a gutter leaf guard from GutterMonster® and how it can put an end to costly, potentially dangerous gutter cleaning on your Portland, OR, area home, contact us today.

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