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Gutter Monster

Gutter Guard Systems for Portland, OR and All of the Surrounding Area

For homeowners in Portland, OR, a GutterMonster® gutter guard can protect against one of the leading causes of home water damage – clogged gutters. By using the natural cohesive properties of flowing water, our gutter protection system channels rainfall, snow melt or any form of precipitation over its durable top caps, through a small gap into your gutters while leaves, sticks and other debris harmlessly slide off.  In fact, our system can allow drainage for more than 10 inches of rainfall in an hour, more than even a hurricane produces, without overflow that can damage your walls or flood your basement. It also prevents ice dams from running over the lip of your gutter where they can invade your roofline or pull your gutters away from your home.

Unlike many leaf filters that need to be installed and taken down each year, our gutter guards permanently attach to your home and are designed to provide years of reliable protection. GutterMonster® systems connect to your gutters and your home with innovative MonsterHold™ brackets that attach in 7 different places to create a strong grip. This allows our gutter guard system to hold tight even in high winds or when covered by heavy snow.

Some other features that aid in making GutterMonster® gutter leaf guard systems so effective include:

  • Stainless steel attachment screws that can survive exposure to moisture
  • Aluminum-titanium top caps that won’t warp with changing temperatures or corrode in humid air
  • Kynar 500® finishes that won’t bubble, chip, crack or fade over time

Every GutterMonster® leaf guard system is installed by a local technician who has been factory-trained to ensure their work is done with care and precision. In addition to providing this professional installation, we’ll offer a lifetime warranty to protect your investment and help you find an affordable financing option for your system.

To learn more about getting a GutterMonster® gutter guard for your Portland, OR home, contact us today.

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