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Gutter Monster

Gutter Filter Systems for Homeowners in Durham & All Nearby Cities in NC

Gutter Filter Durham NCAdding a GutterMonster® gutter filter system to your home in Durham or any other surrounding North Carolina community will put an end to the tedious task of cleaning your gutters, forever. Trudging up and down a ladder to clear gunk from the gutters of your home is not only tiresome, it is also potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, if left untended, clogged gutters can cause serious damage to the roof, eaves, walls, and foundation of your home due to leaking or overflowing water. For this reason, GutterMonster® provides an efficient, long-lasting gutter filter solution that ensures your home’s gutters remain free from debris and keeps you safely on the ground.

Our innovative gutter leaf guard system attaches snugly under your roof’s second row of shingles and extends out over your gutters. This protective barrier forces leaves, sticks, and other debris to fall harmlessly to the ground while channeling rainwater and snowmelt into your gutters. To prevent clogs and overflows at vulnerable roof joints, our patent-pending inside and outside corners distribute water and debris across adjacent gutter covers. Because of these exceptional features, the GutterMonster® gutter filter system is capable of handling an immense amount of rainfall, more than 10” per hour – almost double the precipitation of the average hurricane.

In addition to incredible efficiency, each gutter filter system from GutterMonster® includes durable design features, such as:

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum-titanium construction that resists corrosion and won’t warp or bend even in extreme temperatures
  • A Kynar 500® finish that is guaranteed to never crack, peel, or fade
  • Support brackets secured by stainless steel hex-head screws that provide increased stability in all weather conditions

To find out more about how a GutterMonster® gutter filter system can ensure you never need to clean the gutters of your Durham, NC, area home ever again, contact us today.

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