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Gutter Monster

Gutter Covers for Houses in Lexington, KY and All Other Nearby Communities

gutter covers Lexington KYIf you love having shady trees near your house but hate their leaves filling up your gutters, adding gutter covers to your Lexington, KY, home is a worthwhile investment. By keeping leaves from blocking up your gutters, these leaf guards are protecting your home against the serious water damage that clogs can cause to walls, eaves, roofing, attics and foundations. Gutter covers can protect against more than just leaves however, preventing clogs caused by twigs, nuts, pine needles, nesting animals and other sources as well. Unfortunately, not all gutter leaf guards can provide long-term, year-round protection to your home, so you’ll want you’ll want to choose a high-performance system that can stand the test of time to maximize the value of your investment.

Here at GutterMonster, we build gutter protection systems that are top-of-the-line, designed to permanently attach to your gutters and withstand any weather all year long. They’ll function with roofs of any slope, draining up to 10” of rainfall per hour – that’s more rainfall that the area will receive any month of the year. It also has a high-strength MonsterHold attachment system, which connects your gutter guard to your home at seven points so that it can hold strong even when covered by icicles or snow. The top cap is even given a Kynar 500 finish that won’t chip, crack, bubble or peel with age, keeping your system looking and performing great year after year.

Other advantages to choosing a GutterMonster gutter leaf guard system for your home include:

  • Local dealers who can provide accurate quotes and help homeowners find financing options
  • Professional installation services from factory trained technicians
  • Lifetime warranty protection for your system, covering both parts and labor

To learn more about adding GutterMonster gutter covers to your Lexington, KY, home, contact us today.

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