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1. What will GUTTERMONSTER® look like on my home?

GUTTERMONSTER®'s unobtrusive design and stylish colors make it look more like decorative roof trim than a gutter protection system. The Top Cap installs neatly under the second row of shingles, and the bracket and overlap slots in each cap section ensure that GUTTERMONSTER® is positioned in exactly the same place along the full length of the roofline for an attractive finish.

2. Can GUTTERMONSTER® handle heavy downpours and snows?

GUTTERMONSTER® attaches to the fascia board rather than the roof, so the entire gutter is extremely well supported and will not detach or sag under heavy snow loads. And, the bracket works with the heavy-gauge aluminum Top Cap to handle 10" of rain per hour without overflow. Hurricane-strength storms average about 6" of rainfall, as a point of reference, per hour.

3. Will GUTTERMONSTER® damage my roof? Unlike other reverse-curve products, GUTTERMONSTER® does not need to be screwed into the roof — the Top Cap is locked into position by the bracket, which is attached to the fascia board.

4. How is GUTTERMONSTER® installed? How long does it take?

First, your certified GUTTERMONSTER® installer will thoroughly clean and flush out your gutters. Then, he will make sure your gutters are properly secured and pitched before beginning the installation. Next, the support brackets are installed every 2' and are screwed into the fascia board with a stainless steel Hex Head screw. The Top Cap is installed underneath the second row of shingles, and patent-pending inside and outside corners are installed where needed. Custom designed End Caps finish off the ends, and the area is cleaned and all debris is hauled away. Installation rarely takes more than one day.

5. Is GUTTERMONSTER® guaranteed to work?

Yes, GUTTERMONSTER® comes with a 30-year warranty.

6. Will GUTTERMONSTER® fit my gutters and work with my roof pitch?

GUTTERMONSTER® includes an extender bracket that fits onto the primary bracket, so GUTTERMONSTER® can fit gutters as large as 7 inches, and it will work with even the steepest roof pitches.

7. Can sand/shingle grit/pine needles get into GUTTERMONSTER®?

Occasionally, small debris can get into GUTTERMONSTER®, but because GUTTERMONSTER® so effectively keeps out large debris, it washes harmlessly through the system.

8. Will GUTTERMONSTER® ever come loose or pull away from my gutters in strong wind conditions?

The bracket secures the Top Cap firmly in place all along the roofline, ensuring the Top Cap will not budge under strong winds.

9. Does GUTTERMONSTER® require maintenance?

No, but GUTTERMONSTER® does need an initial 30-day weathering period to fully activate the surface of its Top Cap. After that, it is a low maintenance product.

10. Can GUTTERMONSTER® collect roof valley runoff?

GUTTERMONSTER® patent-pending Inside and Outside Corners eliminate gaps to prevent debris from infiltrating the system, and help distribute water along the adjoining Top Caps.

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